About Me

Hi, I am Michael Kelly

Occupation Senior DevOps Engineer/Consultant

Career Interests • Amazon Web Services • Infrastructure Automation • Deployment Pipelines • CI/CD • Python • Bash • Ansible • Jenkins • Golang

Education Ph.D (2011), Computer Science, Western Sydney University

Thesis 2011, The Tree-like Local Model Update with Domain Constraints .pdf

Location Sydney, Australia

Email michael@ashiny.cloud

About this site

This site is hosted on Amazon S3 and uses AWS Cloudfront, Route 53 and ACM. The website is generated using Hugo, a Go based open source static site generator with the theme BeautifulHugo, a port of the Beautiful Jekyll theme.

Icons are from Font Awesome and emojis from Emoji CSS.

DevOps Professional 3J0644QK11Q1QG3T Solutions Architect Professional X4VJ1EF1CBFQ1S33 SysOps Associate 3B0TQ14CK2E1Q5SH Architect Associate 7L86Q41122B118S7 Developer Associate JB8ZVRC2KJ4Q1Y59